Chermingtan Index Cover
  • Date: 2020 Oct 12
  • Affinity Designer
  • HTML, Javascript, WordPress, MySQL
  • The official website of Dr. Tan Cher Ming, a renowned reliability expert in Singapore and the Director of the Reliability Center at Chang Gung University, embodies a concept of expertise and knowledge-sharing. Our design aims to reflect Dr. Tan’s dedication to reliability and his commitment to advancing the field. Navigating the website provides insight into his extensive work, research, and accomplishments. With a user-friendly interface, we offer a comprehensive view of his contributions, publications, and ongoing projects. The website serves as a platform for knowledge dissemination, where you can access valuable resources, attend webinars, and stay updated on the latest developments in reliability engineering. Join us as we explore the world of reliability with Dr. Tan Cher Ming, a leader in the field. Welcome to Dr. Tan’s world of expertise and innovation.

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