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Customized medical aesthetics system is a web app designed with Django, serving clinics and medical aesthetics practitioners. The system includes functions such as accounting, inventory management, clinic management, warehouse management, order processing, bonus calculation, annual reports, expenditure profit and loss statements, employee management, customer management, etc., catering to the various needs of clinics and medical aesthetics practitioners.

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Enhancing the operational efficiency of medical aesthetics clinics

Through comprehensive patient data management, optimized appointment scheduling, and intelligent financial management, we are committed to enhancing the operational efficiency of medical aesthetics clinics. These features not only make clinic management more convenient but also provide more professional and attentive services to meet customer needs, ultimately boosting the clinic’s competitiveness.

Comprehensive management of patient data

Offering comprehensive patient management features, allowing you to easily manage and access patient data, ensuring efficient clinic operations.

Optimizing appointment scheduling

We provide an optimized appointment system that allows you to easily manage patient appointments, avoiding scheduling conflicts in the clinic.

Smart financial management

We offer smart financial management features, making it easy to track income and expenses, manage accounts receivable, and improve financial efficiency.

A tailored ERP system specifically designed for medical aesthetics

The customized medical aesthetics system is a comprehensive, user-friendly, highly secure, and scalable web app designed to provide comprehensive management support for clinics and medical aesthetics practitioners. Let us help bring your clinic to the cloud.


Using the medical aesthetics ERP brings the following key practical functionalities, covering aspects such as cloud management, bonus calculation, product management, appointment management, orders, expenses, cash flow, inventory management, patient management, and employee management:

Cloud-based clinic

Bringing clinics to the cloud allows for cross-device access, unlimited clinic quantity, unlimited user management, without the need to purchase expensive on-premise servers, enabling real-time access to the latest data.

Real-time bonus

Real-time settlement of medical aesthetics business bonuses, available for daily, weekly, and monthly settlements. Doctors can receive bonuses based on their role, with the option to split accounts according to different roles.


Using “Medical Aesthetics Products,” you can categorize them, customize prices, and for each product, you can also customize the “Business Bonus Ratio: Fixed Amount, Percentage,” providing greater autonomy and flexibility.

Appointment / Calling system

Assist patients in scheduling dates and time slots, arranging doctor’s appointment dates, times, and slots. Easily manage clinic check-in order and keep track of clinic appointment progress.


Achieve quick processing of orders and inventory deduction, enhancing customer satisfaction while reducing the time and cost of order processing, and providing real-time feedback on performance status.


This encompasses medical equipment, labor costs, administrative expenses, etc., helping you effectively control costs, reduce waste, and thereby enhance the operational efficiency of the clinic.

Cash flow

Tracking and managing the clinic’s cash flow, including income, expenses, and accounts receivable, allowing you to have a clear understanding of the financial situation and enhance the clinic’s economic efficiency.


Monitor the clinic’s inventory to ensure adequate and equitable distribution, reducing inventory costs while avoiding shortages or excess inventory.

Patient management

Track and manage patients’ medical records and expenses. It can be linked with the appointment system and accessed in the clinic using the calling system.

Employee management

No limit on the number of employees, managing roles such as editors, front desk staff, directors, etc. Customizable roles with different permissions, including access to pages and actions.