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  • Date: 2023, Apir 22
  • Affinity Designer
  • HTML, Javascript, WordPress, WooCommerce, MySQL
  • DAKUO, the Kaohsiung City Digital Content Creative Center, is under the Kaohsiung City Government’s Economic Development Bureau. It’s located on the second and third floors of the Yancheng District Public Retail Market. The website design concept for DAKUO is all about innovation, featuring a color scheme of black and purple that gives it a modern and professional vibe. The website reflects its versatility and the “HUB” concept, as it integrates digital content industry resources. It offers flexible space options that can be used for events, office spaces, and as a creative co-working area. DAKUO’s website serves as a window to showcase the center’s mission and multifunctionality. Visitors are welcomed to explore and learn more about this vibrant digital creative hub.

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